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Getting Your PayPal License

Heres the steps to get your license key:

  1. Login to PayPal at?
  2. Find the transaction for the sFTP Client app and make note of your Order Id (starts with order-)?not?your Transaction Id
  3. Go to our?License Checker
  4. Use the form provided and paste in your PayPal Order Id you noted earlier, you will also need to provide your PayPal email address to validate your the owner
  5. Your license key and status will be shown along with how many activations remain

Example Order Id:


You can now register an account with sFTP Client to manage your license keys, simply register with the same email and your license key will be automatically assigned to your account.

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Was this helpful?

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Danny Broadbent
Managing Director & Founder


Saturday 2nd September 2017


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