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Activating Your License

Heres the steps to get your app activated with your license key:

  1. Open sFTP Client app
  2. Make your first connection (If a Register Now screen shows skip step 3)
  3. You will see in the top right corner a Trial countdown (click the Register button)
  4. On the Register Now screen you will see near the bottom a box stating "Already bought the app?", enter your license key (including the "license-" prefix) into the input box provided
  5. Click the "Activate" button, wait a while, then...

Hurray!?Your app will now be activated.


I click the activate button and the app does nothing

Be patient! Sometimes the app takes a while to connect to our license server from different locations.

I've waited several minutes and still not activated

You may be experiencing some DNS routing issues, to be sure, go to our?License Checker?page, enter your details for your license key and see if our page returns a response, if it doesn't return "Error" your DNS is fine and may be an issue with our app, in this case contact us at [email protected]

The app is saying my license key isn't found

Firstly check our?License Checker, if this also confirms your license isn't found, please contact us at [email protected] if it does show your license key ensure you are entering it correctly (this must be a license key starting with license-, not a Google id, PayPal transaction id or an order id).

The app is saying I have used the maximum activations

As stated when you purchase the app you can only activate a license key 8 times (this is plenty of times for recoveries or installing on multiples devices for one single user)

The app is saying my license has been terminated

There are several reason why a license key may have been terminated:

  1. Refunded / Declined payment resulting in termination of your license key
  2. Cancelled subscription, resulting in termination of your license key
  3. Abuse to sFTP Client, either towards our services or staff
  4. Misuse of our Single User License (if you've installed this license for multiple users you have gone against our license agreement)

I can't find my license key

There are 3 ways in which you would have obtained a license key from us, here are some links to help you regain access to your license key:

If you still can't get the app activated with your license key after using our troubleshooting guide, please contact us at [email protected]

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Was this helpful?

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Danny Broadbent
Managing Director & Founder


Saturday 2nd September 2017


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